Hard Problems Made Easy

Welcome to Durable Programming


My name is David Berube. I’m the president of Durable Programming.

I started doing freelance web programming in 2001. Since then, I’ve been fortunate to work on a wide variety of projects – including launching a startup, called Casting Frontier, and taking it from initial product launch to sale. I’ve also been fortunate to work on a lot of code from very smart developers – and some code from well-intentioned but somewhat less gifted developers.

In this time, I’ve learned that it’s possible to maintain legacy code in a way that solves issues, steadily improves code quality, and makes financial sense for my clients. We do maintenance programming – usually at an hourly rate, although we can do fixed bids also.

At some firms, maintenance is an afterthought – a thankless task given to the less skilled or less experienced. At Durable Programming, we are proud to maintain code – it’s our core business. Whether it’s broken functionality, upgrading software to work with newer libraries or language versions, or speeding up a slow site or application, we can help.

We are a very focused firm; we don’t have an army of sales people or middle managers. Therefore, we don’t sell you packages; we don’t need to lock people into retainers or recurring contracts. We simply offer high quality maintenance programming services, and our repeat customers come back because of quality, not because they’ve prepaid for a certain time period.

Typically, clients pay maintenance programming for a set number of hours per week – typically, 5-10. If you have a particular project in mind, such as upgrading a Rails 2.x project to a modern version, we can do that; alternatively, we can work on your backlog of unresolved issues, or on other tasks like improving a test suite. If you have a issue management system set up, we can work with yours; if not, we can use our system, or else help you set up one of your own.

Give me a call at  1.617.356.8239 and I’ll be happy to discuss how we can work together.