We fix problem code.

Does this remind you of the internals of your application?


Regardless of how problematic your web or database application is, we can fix it.

Maintenance Programming

We specialize in fixing other people’s bugs – a lot of our work involves fixing issues left behind by a previous developer. It can be very hard to pick up where someone else left off; many programmers find it challenging or impossible to take a large codebase and fix bugs. It’s a difficult job, but it’s something we’re very experienced at.

Web and Database Performance Issues

Is your site going slow? We can help. A small percentage of performance mistakes make up a large percentage of performance problems. We can quickly zero in on common problems – and if you have uncommon problems, we have the experience to solve those too.


Are you several versions behind on your web framework? Are you hesitating to upgrade because you have supporting libraries which are not compatible? We can help you with that – whether it’s easy or hard, we can get you where you need to be.

“[Durable Consulting managing partner] David Berube is highly recommended as a programmer and developer. He single handedly saved our project from imminent ruin. He has proven most professional in his conduct. He is extremely fast and efficient. Most importantly, David really knows his code. I recommend him highly.”
— Joey Rubenstein
President, Casting Frontier