Hard Problems Made Easy

We fix problems with web and database apps.

Specifically, we work on apps written in Ruby, PHP, Javascript, as well as apps backed by MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB.


Maintenance Programming

Most firms are geared towards new development. This, of course, is understandable – but too often it means that long term maintenance of a software project is left to lesser skilled developers, or else passed from developer to developer. In some cases, this means that each developer just does the

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Library Upgrades

Many software projects depend on outdated libraries – and many libraries, while useful, are not longer maintained by the original author. These outdated dependencies can cause quite a bit of difficulty when updating and maintaining your application. Durable Programming can upgrade your app to use the newest, best-in-class libraries –

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Date, Time, and Timezone Bugs

Does your app display times correctly for users in different time zones? Does your site occasionally act unusual on date ranges that cross daylight savings time? Is your system unable to handle time periods that cross midnight? Do you have recurring events which do not, in fact, always recur? If

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Application Speed Boost

We fix performance problems – it’s a specialty of ours. If it’s web development, we can work with either Ruby or PHP (or most anything else you throw at us); if it’s database related, we can work with MySQL, Postgres, Mongo, or most database systems you can think of as

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