We fix problems with web and database apps.

Specifically, we work on apps written in Ruby, PHP, Javascript, as well as apps backed by MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB.


Maintenance Programming

Clients can ask for a set number of hours per week for our skilled programmers to work on bugfixes – say, 5-10 hours per week. If you have a particular list of backlogged bugs, we can work on that; alternatively, we can be called as needed.

You can also request that we focus on a certain area of the codebase — for example, front-end work like updating the UI for a new report, or a new feature, or the integration with a third-party system.

This flexible model lets us efficiently handle your needs while keeping your costs predictable – while steadily increasing your code quality and decreasing technical debt.

Library Upgrades

Many software projects depend on outdated libraries – and many libraries, while useful, are not longer maintained by the original author. These outdated dependencies can cause quite a bit of difficulty when updating and maintaining your application.

Durable Programming can upgrade your app to use the newest, best-in-class libraries – or else upgrade your legacy libraries to be compatible with new operating systems, frameworks, programming languages, and more. We can even add features to your favorite abandoned libraries.

Speed up Web Applications

Does your application run slower than you’d like? Are you receiving complaints from users or staff that pages take too long to load? We can find solutions for you. In one case, our president David Berube, was able to speed up a batch process from taking over an hour to under a minute – a dramatic improvement.

Ruby on Rails Upgrades

If you have a Ruby on Rails app that’s a few versions behind – or maybe even quite a few – you’ve come to the right place. We can definitely help. Even if you have a very old Rails apps – say, Ruby 1.8 and Rails 2.0 – we can get you up-to-date and on the right track.

Let us fix that problem for you.

Working with us is as easy as 1-2-3.