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Durable Programming, LLC is a programming team based out of Manchester, NH – about an hour north of Boston.

We love crafting custom software solutions for businesses. Regardless of what your problem is, we can work with you to develop a unique technical solution that fits your need and your budget.

Famed artist and engineer Leonardo da Vinci once said that “art is never finished. Only abandoned. ” At Durable Programming, we agree – that’s why one of our core services is maintenance programming. We believe a software is a form of art – and there is always more to do. We offer services to projects using Ruby, PHP, or JavaScript, as well as projects using MySQL, PostgreSQL, or MongoDB. Our hourly rates are $150/hour for our services; we do fractional hour billing, and we do not require monthly retainers.

Durable Programming, LLC specializes in maintenance programming, and although we serve a very specific niche, we serve it very well; over eighty percent of our work comes from existing clients from fields including sales, training, retail, service firms, and nonprofits. Unlike many software development firms, we specialize in working with existing software – even if it’s in a precarious state, we can work with it.

Services Summary

  1. Maintenance of web and database projects.
  2. Bug fixing.
  3. Bug fixing of pernicious bugs.
  4. Bug fixing of pernicious bugs that the previous developer was unable to fix.
  5. Bug fixing of pernicious bugs that the previous developer was unable to fix despite claiming on multiple occasions that the latest patch would fix it.
  6. Library upgrades.
  7. Framework upgrades – e.g. taking a Rails 2.3 project to a modern version.
  8. Language upgrades – e.g. Ruby 1.x to modern.


$150 USD/hour.

Fractional billing and no fixed term committments.

About our Team

Durable Programming, LLC. was founded in 2022 by David Berube – a successor to his successful software company Berube Consulting, founded in 2002, and his startup Casting Frontier, which sold in 2020.

Our president, David Berube, is a software developer, consultant, speaker, and writer.  He is constantly researching, perfecting, and practicing his trade. He is a prolific writer, appearing in places such as Dr Dobbs Journal, Linux Magazine, IBM DeveloperWorks, PHP International Magazine, and many others. He speaks frequently, notably including his seminar series, “Making Money Using Open Source Software”. He authored the books “Practical Rails Gems” and “Practical Reporting with Ruby and Rails”, and co-authored the book “Practical Rails Plugins.”

He is also a leader in the Open Source community. He was involved with the AmphetaDesk project, developing much of its Win32 GUI code. He has chaired various open source user groups, arranged seminars, and spoke on relevant topics in the community.

Our team is located in the United States, specifically the Greater Boston region; ergo, we typically schedule meetings in Eastern Standard Time.

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