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Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is essential for businesses to effectively track and manage interactions with customers and prospects. However, commercial CRM systems can be expensive and may not fully meet a company’s unique needs and workflows. That’s where Durable Programming comes in – we can develop custom CRM solutions using powerful open source technologies, providing significant cost savings and tailored functionality compared to off-the-shelf products.

Our team has deep expertise in building CRM systems from the ground up using open source frameworks and databases. Some key open source technologies we leverage for custom CRM development include:

Ruby on Rails

This web application framework enables rapid development of database-driven apps. Rails’ convention-over-configuration approach results in less code and easier maintenance. Gems (libraries) extend functionality for common CRM features.


As a widely-used open source language, PHP offers an extensive ecosystem of frameworks like Laravel and add-on libraries well-suited for CRM development. PHP’s simplicity lends itself to cost-effective custom software.


These leading open source databases provide robust data storage for customer and sales pipeline information. Both scale well as data volumes grow.


This progressive JavaScript framework allows creating responsive, single-page web interfaces for a seamless user experience on both desktop and mobile devices. Vue integrates well with backend Rails or PHP apps.

By building on these open technologies, Durable Programming can craft CRM solutions targeted to a businesses’ specific sales, marketing and customer support requirements – at a lower total cost of ownership versus commercial products that charge ongoing license fees. Our custom CRMs can be shaped to a company’s existing processes rather than having to adapt workflows to the constraints of generic software.

We can integrate a custom CRM with other business platforms, such as accounting, project management, customer support, and email automation systems. Data can flow seamlessly between the CRM and external apps for greater efficiency and visibility.

In addition to upfront development, Durable Programming can provide ongoing enhancements to evolve the functionality of the CRM as business needs change over time. Because we build on open source software, there’s no vendor lock-in. A company owns the CRM source code and data, not a software vendor.

Some examples of CRM features and integrations we can implement with open source tools include:

  • Lead capture and contact management
  • Deal tracking and sales forecasting
  • Marketing campaign management
  • Email sync and automation
  • Quote and proposal generation
  • Social media monitoring
  • Customer support ticketing
  • Analytics and reporting

Whether replacing legacy commercial CRM systems to reduce costs or developing a company’s first CRM platform, Durable Programming can deliver a tailored solution to match the organization’s business requirements. Our open source approach provides flexibility, savings and control not possible with SaaS products.

To discuss how we can apply open technologies to address your Customer Relationship Management needs, give us a call. We’ll work closely with your team to understand your goals and design a custom CRM solution to drive productivity and customer satisfaction.

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