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Content Management Systems

content management system (CMS) allows companies to easily create, manage, and publish digital content online without requiring technical knowledge of HTML or web development. An open source CMS can provide a cost-effective way for businesses to build and maintain their web presence while offering flexibility and extensibility.

At Durable Programming, we have deep expertise in customizing and extending open source CMS platforms to meet the specific needs of our clients. Some of the key ways we can help companies leverage open source CMS include:

Tailored Content Model and Workflows

Rather than being locked into a proprietary CMS’s predefined content types and publishing workflows, an open source CMS allows us to model your content and processes to align with how your business actually operates. We analyze your content lifecycle and user roles to architect a content model and define workflows that will make your team more efficient at their editorial tasks.

Third-Party Integrations

Need to pull in product data from an ERP system? Push content to a email marketing platform? Sync user accounts with a CRM? We can integrate an open source CMS with your existing business systems and data sources. Connecting your CMS to other platforms unlocks opportunities to streamline processes and maximize the value of your content.

Custom Features and User Interfaces

Every company manages their content a bit differently. We can develop custom CMS features and user interfaces tailored to your team’s unique requirements. By extending the core CMS, we give your users the tools they need to get their work done more productively.

Flexible Hosting and Deployment

Open source provides the freedom to host and deploy the CMS on your preferred infrastructure, whether that’s a public cloud platform, private servers, or a hybrid environment. We can advise you on the optimal hosting strategy for your budget, traffic levels, and IT constraints. With full access to the CMS source code, we’re able to automate deployments and optimize performance.

Iterative Improvements

An advantage of open source is you’re not dependent on a vendor’s product roadmap and release cycles. We can make ongoing iterative improvements to the CMS based on feedback from your team. As your needs evolve, we’ll work with you to adapt the system incrementally. Open source facilitates continuous enhancements to keep the CMS aligned with your business.

Some of the open source CMS platforms we work with include:

  • WordPress: The most popular CMS in the world, powering over 40% of websites. Its vast ecosystem of plugins and themes make it highly extensible.
  • Drupal: Provides a powerful and flexible framework for structuring content. Excels at large, complex sites and can support decoupled/headless architectures.
  • Craft CMS: A modern CMS for developers who want complete control over both the front-end user experience and back-end content modeling. Offers a clean, intuitive authoring experience.

Whether you need to build a new site from scratch, migrate an existing site to an open source CMS, or enhance your current CMS, Durable Programming can devise a solution that meets your business objectives. Our expertise across a range of open source content management systems allows us to pick the right tool for the job.

By building a CMS tailored to your content and workflow, open source can help make your content team more productive, efficient and effective. Let us show you how a customized open source CMS can maximize the business value of your content while saving on licensing costs. Contact us today to discuss your content management needs and explore potential solutions.

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