Hard Problems Made Easy


Manufacturing companies face unique challenges when it comes to software and technology. Legacy systems, proprietary equipment, and ever increasing customer demands are just a few of the issues manufacturers must handle. Fortunately, Durable Programming can help you find cost-effective solutions for your unique challenges.

How Durable Programming Can Help:

Breaking Down Silos:

One of the biggest challenges in manufacturing is the presence of data silos – different departments using separate software systems that don’t communicate with each other. This leads to inefficiencies, errors, and missed opportunities – but we can help.

Need to connect your ERP to your CRM? We can help with that.  Connect e-commerce store orders with the production floor? We can help with that too. When you need reliable integrations for real industry problems, call Durable.

Better Scheduling and Planning:

Planning and scheduling is critical to your success. You need to coordinate raw materials, production lines, labor, shipping and more. Relying on manual processes often leads to inefficiencies, mix-ups, and headaches.

Imagine software that lets you:
– See a clear visual production schedule
– Drag and drop to adjust schedules
– Set rules to auto-schedule orders
– Get alerted to potential material or labor shortages

With Durable, there’s no need to imagine – we can get you there.

Data Analysis and Visualization:

Manufacturing produces a wealth of valuable data. We leverage open source data tools, databases and front-end frameworks to build customized applications for analyzing production metrics, identifying bottlenecks. By supporting continuous improvement, you can turn a mountain of data into understandable reports you can use to make a real difference at your organization.

Legacy System Support and Migration:

Manufacturers often depend on legacy software. When it’s time to update those systems, our team can support your legacy applications and help devise a smooth migration path to modern, open source based solutions – avoiding expensive vendor lock-in. We’re experienced in incrementally modernizing  software.

Reliability and Performance:

System downtime and slow performance are costly – but they are also avoidable. Experience let’s us deliver solutions which are reliable, fast, and efficient. Need to get reports quicker? We can help with that. Inefficiency leading to slow deliveries? We can help with that too.

From MRP integrations to IIoT applications to data analysis platforms, Durable Programming delivers open source solutions that help manufacturers operate more efficiently and gain a competitive advantage. Our experience across the software and manufacturing domains, combined with our open source expertise, makes us an ideal partner for building and supporting the technology that powers your production.

Let us fix that problem for you.