Hard Problems Made Easy


Durable Programming specializes in helping technology companies solve challenging software problems using open source tools and frameworks. We have deep expertise across a range of open source technologies that are commonly leveraged by tech companies to build and maintain their applications and infrastructure.

For technology companies using Ruby, we are experts in the Ruby on Rails web framework as well as popular gems and libraries used in the Ruby ecosystem. Whether you need help upgrading a legacy Rails app to a supported version, optimizing performance bottlenecks, or implementing new features, our team can jump in and make an impact.

On the PHP side, we have extensive experience with the Laravel framework which has emerged as the go-to solution for PHP development. As with Rails, we can assist tech companies in modernizing and optimizing their Laravel applications. We are also well-versed in other PHP frameworks, CMSes, and libraries, like CakePHP or Yii.

In the Javascript world, we work with both backend Node.js as well as the latest frontend frameworks like Vue.js. Many tech companies today are building sophisticated single-page web apps and progressive web apps in Javascript. We can help design and build these applications or solve issues with existing codebases.

When it comes to databases, MySQL, and PostgreSQL are favorites of ours. Durable Programming has worked on numerous projects and solved complex challenges related to data modeling, query optimization, and other database concerns on these platforms. We also have experience in numerous other data stores, like ClickHouse, Quickwit, Redis, MongoDB, and more.

Some examples of our past projects:

    • Upgraded countless Ruby on Rails legacy apps to a modern version

    • Containerized apps so that teams could onboard new developers quickly and efficiently

    • Rewrote a PostgreSQL app with over eight hundred models to be timezone-aware and fix recurring bugs around leap days.

    • Optimized an indexing process from over an hour to under a minute.

Regardless of your tech stack, if you’re experiencing pains with your application, bring us in to take a look. Our battle-tested team thrives on solving the gnarly software problems that are slowing down tech companies and distracting them from their core business. We can dive into your codebase, quickly identify issues, and implement the most effective solution using trusted, scalable open source tools. Reach out to us for a consultation.

Let us fix that problem for you.