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Mobile Apps

Leveraging open source to build robust, cost-effective mobile solutions for your business

In today’s fast-paced digital world, having a strong mobile presence is essential for companies to engage customers, empower employees, and stay competitive. At Durable Programming, we specialize in developing custom mobile applications using proven open source technologies. By leveraging the power of open source, we can deliver highly functional, reliable mobile solutions while saving you time and money compared to proprietary alternatives.

Benefits of Open Source for Mobile App Development

    Cost savings

    Avoid expensive licensing fees associated with proprietary mobile development platforms and tools


    Open source provides the freedom to customize the technology stack and architecture to fit your unique requirements

    Talent pool

    Access to a vast ecosystem of open source mobile developers, libraries, frameworks and knowledge sharing

    Avoid lock-in

    By using open standards and technologies, you maintain control of your application and data


    Many open source mobile tools enable rapid development and code reuse to accelerate time-to-market


    Mobile commerce solutions, loyalty programs, coupons, product catalogs


    Patient portals, telehealth, medical reference, fitness/wellness tracking

    Financial Services

    Mobile banking, trading, account management & payments


    Content management, video/audio streaming, social networking


    Collaboration tools, sales support, HR/employee self-service

    No matter your industry or use case, we can provide expert mobile development services to bring your ideas to life as polished, professional mobile experiences. We’ll make sure your application not only looks great but performs well, is secure and scales to support your business. To discuss how Durable Programming can help mobilize your business, schedule a free initial consultation. We’ll review your project goals and requirements and provide recommendations on the best open source approach to building your mobile application. Our transparent, collaborative development process ensures you’ll be involved every step of the way as we turn your mobile vision into reality – on time and on budget.

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