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Custom E-commerce Solutions to Grow Your Business

At Durable Programming, we specialize in building powerful, cost-effective E-commerce solutions tailored to your unique business needs. By leveraging open source technologies and our extensive expertise, we can help you streamline operations, boost sales, and provide an excellent online shopping experience for your customers.

Why Choose Open Source for Your E-commerce Platform?

Open source technologies offer numerous advantages for E-commerce applications:

Cost savings

Avoid expensive licensing fees and vendor lock-in associated with proprietary software. Open source provides an economical foundation to build upon.


Open source code can be fully customized to match your specific requirements and seamlessly integrate with your existing systems. Adapt and extend your platform as your business evolves.


Open source software is rigorously tested and vetted by a global community of developers. You can trust in a robust, secure foundation for your E-commerce site.

Rich ecosystem

Benefit from a vast array of open source libraries, plugins, and extensions to add advanced features to your store quickly and affordably.

Leveraging Leading Open Source E-commerce Frameworks

Our team has deep knowledge of the most popular and proven open source frameworks for building online stores and marketplaces:


As a plugin for the ubiquitous WordPress platform, WooCommerce offers extensive capabilities while enabling you to manage your site through a familiar interface. Its huge collection of extensions covers nearly any feature you could require.


For mid-sized to large businesses, Magento provides an enterprise-grade E-commerce platform with multi-store support, vast scalability, and a wealth of features. Its modular architecture enables infinite customization.


With an intuitive administration panel and a focus on simplicity, PrestaShop is perfect for smaller businesses launching an online store. But don’t let its ease-of-use deceive you – it’s a feature-rich and extendable platform.


Renowned for its flexibility and outstanding performance, OpenCart offers a solid framework to build upon. It boasts an extensive marketplace of themes and modules to jumpstart development.

Of course, e-commerce isn’t just about having the frontend – the backend is also very important. Our database expertise ensures your product catalog and customer data is efficiently structured and optimized in MySQL, PostgreSQL, or MongoDB.

From initial requirements gathering to launch and beyond, we provide end-to-end E-commerce solutions. Whether you need to build a new online store from the ground up, customize an existing platform, or optimize your E-commerce site for better conversions, our team is up to the challenge.

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