Hard Problems Made Easy

PHP is a programming language that has been around for almost 20 years. You’ve probably interacted with it in some form or another – PHP is installed on nearly half the web servers in the world. It powers many of the biggest websites in the world, including sites like Facebook and Twitter.

PHP has a really active community and a rich ecosystem, so there are tons of modules and frameworks that you can use with PHP. We’re big fans of Laravel, although there are plenty of other options.

Of course, PHP is often paired with other technologies; for example, PHP has a long and venerable history of working with MySQL databases. However, it’s hardly limited to that; you can also use PHP with PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Oracle, and many others.

We’ve done work with a wide variety of PHP projects, from high-performance customer-facing applications to low-frequency background processes. Of course, PHP is notoriously known for having the potential for performance issues – but we’ve also solved performance problems in PHP systems, including several high transactional systems. We can help with a wide range of PHP projects.

We take special pride in working with PHP; many firms see it as “too easy” or “low-brow”, preferring to work with “prestige” languages. Although we are happy to work with whatever flavor-of-the-week that the intelligentsia are promoting, we are more than happy to support your legacy PHP app – we don’t feel the need to push rewrites into some fancy language that like-as-not won’t exist in ten years.

We can work with any version of PHP that you might have – while we encourage our clients to keep as up-to-date as possible for security and performance reasons, we leave the exact business decision of when to upgrade to our clients.

Did You Know…

Although PHP is often associated with traditional, “monolithic” web development, there’s no reason why you can’t use a wide range of modern web technologies and techniques with PHP. Apps built on PHP can be dockerized, can run on Nix, can run serverless, can run in any VM on any cloud you might care to name, and can run on k8s. Likewise, you can work with almost any language or program you might want to integrate – even if you have to launch it as a subprocess.

The Popular Kid…

While PHP might not be the coolest kid on the block, it might be the most popular – according to Builtwith.com, PHP runs on 22.09% of the world’s top one million websites: that’s ahead of all other programming languages, including ASP.net (10.76%), Rails (6.47%), and Java (5.69%).

Let us fix that problem for you.