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JavaScript, often abbreviated JS, is one of the core programming languages of the World Wide Web along with HTML and CSS. Yet even with it being commonly used there are bugs that come along with JavaScript programs that some programmers struggle to remedy. 

Our team of programmers is well versed in JavaScript programming – whether it’s used on the front end, backend, or full-stack. Our team is skilled in fixing issues on just client-side and server-side programming. 

According to some online sources “over 80% of websites use a third-party Javascript library or web framework for client-side scripting.” But many people ask  “If it’s so commonly used, shouldn’t our web application look and run better than it does? Why are there so many bugs?” Unfortunately, many programmers write JS – but not all of it is well written. If this is your concern, rest assured we fix JavaScript problems that other programmers don’t want to touch.

Did You Know…

Although it developed as a “light” language, Javascript has been adapted to work in many different domains. A wide range of applications use Javascript: from interactive art exhibitions to social networks to online banking – and in many of those, it’s the app itself, rather than any “server-side” stuff, that does the heavy lifting.

Nom De Marketing…

Javascript was originally called LiveScript; it was later renamed to JavaScript as a marketing ploy, despite the language having very little to do with the Java programming language. Strictly speaking, the name “JavaScript” is still a trademark of the Oracle Corporation; the openly available, freely usable version is called “ECMAScript”, but that name is no fun to say, so we typically call it Javascript.

Not Afraid of Gluten…

Unlike many other tech companies, we do not shy away from working with legacy systems written in messy or old technologies. If you’ve got a Javascript spaghetti mess of an application running on your server, we’re happy to help you move to the current state of the art. Since the release of JQuery in 2006, for example, the Javascript ecosystem has exploded with resources and frameworks, leaving many apps stuck in an older style, waiting to upgrade – but fortunately for you, we’d love to help.

Let us fix that problem for you.