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Laravel provides a simple, effective way of building fully-featured web applications – and we’re fans.

We use Laravel in our projects, and we love it, because it really helps reduce development time to market with web applications. Whether you are looking to develop, customize, or maintain a Laravel application, we are happy to help.

Laravel is a web framework released under the MIT license by Taylor Otwell in 2011. This is quite a bit after Rails’ 2004 release date or Django’s 2005 release, meaning that Laravel’s architecture had the benefit of learning from those (and many other) web frameworks. Laravel brings many of the useful features originated by many other projects into a clean, easy-to-use project.

Laravel, like many web frameworks, is flexible. Whether you use Laravel with MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Oracle, something else – or maybe all four ! –  we can help you get your app working just the way you want it to. By offloading work to a powerful backend and optimizing your code, you can handle large quantities of data in an efficient way – and even if your Laravel-backed site is slow right now, we can help you optimize it.

Of course, not everything is about performance. Laravel has some very cool features that help make developer’s life easier and keep cost down. For one, it has virtualization support via either Sail or the older Homestead – while that may sound like boring tech-talk to many businesspeople, it has the advantages of making new computers much easier to set up, which means developers don’t have to spend hours or days tweaking their configuration on a new computer. If you want to containerize your Laravel application, whether via any of the solutions we mentioned or via some other solution, we’d be happy to help.

Laravel has first class support for many other features, as well. For example, single sign-on support (SSO) is quite smoothly achieved via Laravel Socialite. This can be used for customer-facing logins like Google or Facebook login, but it can also be used for enterprise SSO like Okta or Jumpcloud. Whatever your need is, we’d love to be involved.

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