Hard Problems Made Easy

Application Speed Boost

We fix performance problems – it’s a specialty of ours.

If it’s web development, we can work with either Ruby or PHP (or most anything else you throw at us); if it’s database related, we can work with MySQL, Postgres, Mongo, or most database systems you can think of as well.

Our focus is speed.

We are experts at finding and fixing the “low-hanging fruit” of performance problems – small fixes that greatly increase the speed of your site, application, or database. Of course, whether your site needs just a small fix or serious recoding, we love working on old, inefficient code to be faster and more efficient.

We have multiple approaches we can take to fix up a site. In some cases, we do a general once-over to improve system performance as a whole – finding the immediate problems and taking care of them. In other cases, we can be hired to fix a particular issue – whether this involves diagnosing by setting up custom instrumentation or a server or by carefully analyzing on our local environment, we can get to the bottom of the problem quickly.

Once the problem has been identified, we can set up an isolated test to make sure we’re able to thoroughly fix it. If necessary, we can test your problem against large datasets, on powerful machines (multiple CPUs, 512GB RAM) or on clusters. We can then rewrite problem code and, using either our proprietary scripts or else custom (and often re-usable) rigging for your particular case, then verify that the problem has been thoroughly fixed.

One of the things that we’re best at is tuning MySQL. In fact, we love MySQL. The reason for that is that it’s an excellent, scalable database system – but it’s not perfect. In fact, it’s downright quirky, and it has a few bugs that trip up developers now and again.

Our hourly rates are $150/hour for our services; we do fractional hour billing.

We do not require a minimum or monthly retainers

Let us fix that problem for you.