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Date, Time, and Timezone Bugs

Does your app display times correctly for users in different time zones?

Does your site occasionally act unusual on date ranges that cross daylight savings time?

Is your system unable to handle time periods that cross midnight?

Do you have recurring events which do not, in fact, always recur?

If you are dealing with any of the above problems, that’s understable.

daily planner and a on screen clock

In fact, code relating to dates and times can be tricky, and can often be the cause of many subtle bugs. Timezones can be cause further problems, as can behavior related to leap years. Intervals of time – say, events that reoccur every month – can likewise cause many issues. Regardless of what you are facing, though, Durable Programming can help you out.

Many timezone problems are due to configuration issues – and we can assist with that, too. Others are due to a misunderstanding of the date or time libraries being used, and still others are due to incorrect scoping – storing dates as times or vice versa, or some even more nefarious problems.

Compounding these problems are the fact that some languages, libraries, and even database systems have what can be charitably called “non-intuitive” decisions regarding dates and times. For example, what comes to mind when you hear that PostgreSQL can store data as a “time with timezone” as well as “time without time zone?” Likely, you’d assume that one stores the data with time zone and ones does not – but, in fact, that’s not true. Both are automatically stored as UTC, and and any timezone information is thrown away. If you have complex code relating to misunderstandings like this. we can help.

Regardless of exact source of your pain, we have a lot of experience working with date, time, interval, Unix timestamp timezone, date formatting, and even more persuasions of a technologically chronological sort.

Our hourly rates are $150/hour for our services; we do fractional hour billing.

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