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Maintenance Programming

Most firms are geared towards new development.

This, of course, is understandable – but too often it means that long term maintenance of a software project is left to lesser skilled developers, or else passed from developer to developer. In some cases, this means that each developer just does the bare minimum before passing the problem on to the next.

In our case, though, maintenance is our main service. We maintain legacy software, and we’re proud to do that.

Of course, you might ask, how does that work?

It’s simple. Schedule a quick call, and we can discuss your problem.

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Clients can ask for a set number of hours per month for our skilled programmers to work on bugfixes and upgrades – 40 is a common starting point, for example.. If you have a particular list of backlogged bugs, we can work on that; alternatively, we can be called as needed. This hour budget can be increased or adjusted as needed – we don’t lock you in.

You can also request that we focus on a certain area of the codebase — for example, front-end work like updating the UI for a new report, or a new feature, or the integration with a third-party system.

Our flexible pricing model lets us efficiently handle your needs while keeping your costs predictable – while steadily increasing your code quality and decreasing technical debt.

We can even test your application in different environments:

We can often provide much more complete coverage of your app, making sure that your updates and updates and deployments are not only working as intended on your local machine, but that users with varying operating systems and browser versions can take advantage of them.

Not sure where to start? We can help you choose which areas of the code to rewrite or libraries to upgrade, so that you can get the most benefit from your budget.

We’re well suited to this – we’ve done a lot of work with legacy apps, and we can get your app working exactly as it should be.

Our hourly rates are $150/hour for our services; we do fractional hour billing.

We do not require a minimum or monthly retainers

Let us fix that problem for you.